Projects and Publications


Telemedicine (B.E Project, June 2017 – May 2018)

Built a system to provide remote diagnosis and healthcare in rural India by using telecommunication technology and medical devices together. It is designed to include an ECG sensor to view the ECG waveform on a laptop for any abnormalities, a website and a database to store patient information and doctor feedback and a webcam for a live consultation session. It can further be expanded to measure and record additional medical parameters and be integrated with the AADHAR system for patient identification and verification.

Embedded Piano interfaced with LCD (Semester 6, January – April 2017)

Built a digital piano using microcontroller 8051. This digital piano has the capability of playing & displaying 8 notes running on firmware. Interfaced with an LCD, keys and speaker. Can further be extended to build a unique instrument. Published a technical paper on the same under the in CAE.

Piano using IC-555 (Semester 5, August – October 2016)

Built a piano using IC-555. Proteus and Autodesk were used to design the circuit followed by implementation on breadboard and PCB. Published a technical paper on the same in ‘Technofocus’.


“Telemedicine: Making Healthcare Accessible”

Research paper published in Springer, Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communication Technologies. Paper presented at International Conference on Wireless Communication, January 2018.

“Embedded Piano interfaced with LCD”

Technical paper published in the International Journal Communications on Applied Electronics (CAE) in Volume 7 Number 1, May 2017 edition (ISSN – 2394 4714).

“Piano using IC-555”

Technical paper published in Technofocus: a journal for budding engineers, October 2016 edition (ISSN 2321-0532).

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